Board of Directors

Kim Colero
Chair (Zone C)
Kim has been closely associated with the western rock lobster industry all his life as a skipper, deckhand, and owner of working rock lobster boats with MFL’s in A, B and C zones and currently owns both a C zone and B zone MFL. He worked hard for commercial fishers as President of the Dongara Professional Fishermen’s Association (DPFA) at the time of the introduction of the current Fisheries Act, Chair of WAFIC at the Introduction of Quota (ITQ) and Chair of the CZCA at the introduction of fair and equitable allocation of Quota between the Southern zone and Northern zones.

Since 2002, Kim has been a Board Member of the Marine Parks and Reserves Authority (MPRA) ensuring a fair hearing and to maintain fishing access for commercial fishers to all State Marine Parks. He is also a Member and Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).
Terry Lissiman
Deputy Chair (Zone A)
Terry is an A Zone representative on the WRLC. He has been an owner/operator in the A and B Zones for over 34 years. Prior to this he worked in Prawning, Tuna and Abalone fisheries. With his vessel, he has worked with the Fisheries Research Department on a number of research projects.

He brings to the Board a wide experience of being an active member on Ministerial Advisory Boards, Councils and Fisherman’s Committees and has the historical knowledge and commitment to help our industry in maintaining sustainability.
Peter Bailey
Director (Zone A)
Peter is a third generation fisherman from Geraldton who has been fishing in the family business for 27 years in A and B zone.

Peter has been a previous member of Rock Lobster Industry Advisory Committee (RLIAC) and is a past President of the Geraldton Professional Fisherman’s Association (GPFA). He has also been involved in the Abrolhos Islands body corporate since its inception.
Clay Bass
Director (Zone B)
Clay is an active third generation western rock lobster fisher, presently fishing predominantly in the B zone, but also in A zone.

Clay has been a committee member of DPFA for several years and an active member of Geraldton Professional Fishermen’s Association (GPFA). Clay is passionate about the extraordinary commercial rock lobster fishery and continuing to improve the industry.
Peter Cooke
Independent Director
Peter Cooke has had a range of roles from farmer, to agribusiness consultant and policy contributor for Federal and State government. He began his career as a broadacre farmer in the Great Southern of Western Australia in the 1970-80s, was the CEO of the Kondinin Group in the 1980-90s, and since 1997 an agribusiness consultant and director of Agknowledge a small company providing management advice to a range of agribusiness companies and farming enterprises across Australia.

Peter has been a Fellow of the AICD since 1997. He spent six years as a Board member of Rural Adjustment and Finance Corporation, and was the Chair of the WA FarmBis program 1998-2008. He is a Board Member of Landcorp, and recently completed a term as Deputy Chair of Landgate and was Chair for Curtin’s International Institute for Agri-Food Security 2011-15 . He has the role as Independent Chair of four family farm Boards, and has recently Chaired a Ministerial Review Panel on the Future Directions for the Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia. Peter was a National Selector for the Australian Olympic Equestrian team from 1991 to 2013.

Agknowledge prepared the Review and Benefit Cost Analysis of the MSC for the Western Rock Lobster Industry in 2015 and a Risk Analysis of the Western Rock Lobster industry value chain in 2016.
Robert Glass
Director (Zone B)
Robbie is a third generation fisherman who fishes in B zone, is a long serving member of the WRLC Board and has a keen interest in the future growth and sustainability of the rock lobster industry.

He also has sons in the industry and is committed to continuing to improve the commercial rock lobster fishery
Nic Sofoulis
Director (Zone C)
Nic has a strong background in management and consultation in the western rock lobster fishery gained from the catching, processing and management functions. He brings vast experience in administration functions of document preparation, internal/external communications and financial reporting.

He is currently the Executive Chairman of Combined Zone C Association (CZCA). Nic holds a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Science, a Diploma of Education and various marine qualifications.
Peter Stanich
Director (Zone C)
Peter has been fishing for 21 years and his family has been in the rock lobster industry for over 50 years. He is operating his own boat for 16 years in the southern end of C Zone.

He is passionate about creating sustainable rock lobster fishing for the next generation as he believed with the implementation of quota the industry will continue to thrive and grow. Peter brings with him a good understanding of the industry and has a lot of new ideas to offer.
Linda Williams
Director (Zone C)
Linda has been involved in the Western Rock Lobster Fishery for the past 38 years. Her youngest son, Chris, is now operating the family business and she is still very much connected with the fundamental issues facing the active fishermen in the industry and is dedicated to looking after their interests and concerns.

Linda is the current Chair of the WRLC Finance & Audit Committee and past Chairman. She also sits on the Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community (WINSC) Board as the WA Director, member of the WA Research Advisory Committee and is a member of the WAFIC Building Community Support Sub-Committee.