About Us


The Western Rock Lobster Council is a non-profit incorporated organisation representing the Commercial Western Rock Lobster Fishermen of WA. The WRLC was formed in 2001 as a peak industry body to address issues affecting commercial fishermen in the Western Rock Lobster Industry.

The Council is made up of a Board of 8 Directors and an Independent Director. The WRLC addresses issues such as changes to the Management System of the Western Rock Lobster Fishery, prepares submissions to Government on behalf of the industry, sources funding for industry projects, attends meetings with and lobbies Government on behalf of the fishermen, provides advice and information to a number of committees, steering groups and stakeholder organisations within the various sectors of the fishery, assists with safety, training and education programs for fishermen, ensures Government processes are equitable, transparent and justifiable, and strives to ensure the catching sector of this valuable industry remains a viable, effective and responsible member of the commercial fishing industry.